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Your Brand New Virtual Drive – pCloud Drive

pCloud – have you heard of this reliable and expanding cloud storage platform? If not, here are the highlights:
1. it provides an online storage web platform, suitable for private and business use;
2. offers mobile apps for iOS and Android;
3. has recently released its brand new desktop application – pCloud Drive;
4. and finally, and most importantly, is in the process of releasing its pCloud Business version, which we will pay attention to in a dedicated topic.

Through its desktop application – pCloud Drive – the system creates a secure virtual drive on your computer, which you can use to easily store, sync and access your files in the cloud. This application provides a number of additional functionalities, such as integrated file sharing and synchronization through your computer.

To get the desktop application, go to and download the pCloud Drive version for your operating system. Install and enjoy your brand new virtual drive.

pCloud Drive gives you a number of benefits, compared to simply using the online cloud platform. First of all, it expands your local storage by creating a secure virtual drive which is automatically enabled on your system, once you log in to the application. You can use the pCloud virtual drive just like any other drive, with the only difference that it doesn't take space on your computer.
Using pCloud Drive you can also manage your shares and create new ones. And those are just a few of the multiple opportunities this desktop app gives you.

Imagine having all your important work documents accessible on any device you use along with all changes you apply to them. This is exactly what Sync is about – you can synchronize any folder from your local storage with pCloud Drive.

With pCloud Drive you can invite people directly to your pCloud Drive folders and give them permissions to view and modify your content. They will, then, see the folders have shared with them as part of their pCloud. Also, you can receive shares and use them via the Shared with Me subtab of pCloud Drive.

The pCloud desktop application also works through your system's tray menu (menu bar). It gives you quick access to the app's most important options and settings. Also, options are available in your operation system's right-click context menu. Using this functionality, you can easily add new folders for synchronization in just one click. The dedicated Offline Access option gives you the opportunity to synchronize your folders with your desktop app, so they are available even if you are not connected to the Internet.

pCloud plans:

Free – 10 GB as a starter and up to 20 GB through pCloud's referral scheme.
Premium – 500 GB for $ 3.99/month upon annual subscription.
Premium Plus – 1 TB for $ 7.99/month upon annual subscription.
Business – coming soon.

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