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Intronis Inc., a world famous provider of backup and data protection solutions, announced the launching of its file sync and share platform called ECHOshare. This file sharing and synchronization solution empowers businesses to securely access and collaborate on files of any type or size. ECHOshare integrates seamlessly with the other Intronis business platforms, this way providing full package for data management.

Businesses often struggle with how to share files and collaborate in a secure manner across distributed business partnerships and various types of devices. Before the age of cloud storage, most organizations were often adopting data sharing solutions not designed for business use. Not only does this approach put critical company data at risk, but it is increasingly difficult for businesses to support these solutions. ECHOshare solves this challenge with an integrated product that is easily added to the existing Intronis service or sold separately.

As its creators state, ECHOshare is an affordable, enterprise-grade file sharing and collaboration system, based on a cloud storage platform.

Some of the key features and functionalities built in ECHOshare include:
- Advanced compliance: complies with key industry and government regulations.
- Remote unlinking of a device: the platform protects your data even when your mobile device is lost, or an employee, who is related to the system, leaves your company. Access is ensured by two-factor authentication.
- Team-based sharing: users can manage, organize and share files with ease, controlling access and permission on all projects, folders and files.
- Control management: permission-based access to all projects, files and folders; password policies.
- Remote access: users can easily access files from their devices or remote offices.
- Version control: users know exactly when, and by whom a document has been edited.
- Sending large files: ECHOshare provides a mechanism to send large files within teams, or with a public link to non-users.
- Mobile support: users can easily access and sync files on multiple mobile devices, such as iDevices and Android smartphones and tablets.

The need for reliable, secure and scalable enterprise-grade collaboration technology is growing among businesses. ECHOshare is definitely not the only system, providing such a number of business capabilities, but it is worth testing.

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