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Dropbox for Business

If you are looking for a cloud storage for your business Dropbox will surely be the first service you'll hear about. The service is one of the several cloud solutions that are actively targeting the business market. Dropbox's business plan is consistent with the needs of a small and large businesses.

For starters, you can access both your personal and business account. 
Dropbox Business has collaboration features that allow the staff to work from anywhere and send large files. The Admin console is easy to use and adding and removing members happens in an instant.
The admin also can pay bills and generate reports. 
As an admin you can see the member sign ins, linked devices, third party apps, team members, password changes and attempted sign-ins. 

secure cloud storage

You can transfer files to a co-worker when someone leaves.
There is a feature that prevents sharing outside the team and unlimited version history, so you can track changes and recover your work. 

online files sharing

The starting cloud storage space that Dropbox offers is 1TB, but with a possibility to upgrade for free and get as much as your business needs.
Collaborations at it's finest: you can generate a link for your file which your clients can view or download. Dropbox for Business gives you control over permissions to shared folders and links and lets you restrict members from sharing outside your team.

As for the security files are stored using 256-bit AES encryption, and SSL creates a secure tunnel for data transfers. Add an additional layer of security by securing Dropbox accounts with a password and a phone.

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