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Cloud storage for Business - Where to start

Businesses of all kinds are storing important content and data. Till recently most of the business preferred to keep their information on local servers. But in time that has proven to be rather dangerous, having in mind that servers can be damaged or lost to natural disasters, theft or computer crashes. 
Cloud storage services are actually a much better decision for storing or backing up all of the important data. Although many people believe that the cloud is not a good option due to reliability and security concerns, most of the cloud storage providers have been working hard to make their service suitable for all the need of the both personal and business users. 
The hesitation many business owners once has about trusting their digital information to an outside entity for storage is vanishing. Entrusting your business' files to cloud storage is quite stress free, taking the fact that the "anytime, anywhere" factor occurs. This is particularly helpful for small business that are not based in an office. All employees have access to the work-related files and the account manager can observe when and what changes are made. 
For big and evolving businesses the same rule applies. Project managers are capable to work even if they are on vacation or at an important meeting out of town.
Most cloud storage services for business have all the needed tools to entrust business data to them - like mobile and desktop apps, web access, version history, file recovery, prevent sharing outside of the team, security and team management. Some of them even have office integration and option to edit document online. 

What to look for when choosing cloud storage for your business? 
  • Storage capacity - Most of online cloud storage providers offer different business plans according to the number of team members. There is a huge difference if you are looking for a cloud storage for 5-10 employees and more than a 100. It's best if you plan ahead.
  • Features - Think very carefully what features your business is going to need from the cloud service. Things like version history, back up and team management can play a huge role in your development. 
  • Security - Private information about clients always should be handled with cation. The best business cloud services encrypt your information and some even do it twice.
  • Collaboration - Managers, employees and even clients may need a remote access to the information stored in a cloud. It's best if you choose a cloud provider with secure mobile access, sync options and branding tools. 
  • Help and support - You may think you have it all under control, but never underestimate the possibility of something going wrong. Especially when a lot of people have access to one account. The best cloud services will always offer support, ready to assist you by phone, email or live chat. 
Business cloud storage is a must have for any company that cannot afford to lose data in any way. So, in other words - a must have for every business.
Here at Cloud and Business our mission is to help you find the best cloud storage for your company. So stay tuned and we'll teach you how to use the cloud for you business at it's fullest.  

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