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Dropbox for Business Now Integrates with Popular Apps

If you use a cloud storage service, chances are it stores data from any areas of your business, with files and documents, created by a large number of apps. If you use Dropbox for Business, there's now an easier way to use the cloud storage and file sharing platform with apps you use the most.
Recently Dropbox announced releasing a new feature that lets companies integrate Dropbox for Business with existing business solutions. It connects the Dropbox platform with hundreds of apps, so business users can easily use Dropbox with the rest of their workflow.

Here's what the Dropbox for Business has to offer and how it can help your business.
The Dropbox for Business now works in collaboration with various cloud storage and data sharing capabilities – from productivity tools to document management, communications, security and more, Dropbox can now integrate with more than 300,000 business apps, including Microsoft Office, Salesforce, DocuSign, Vimeo, and many others.

Integrating Dropbox with the rest of your workflow streamlines all of your data, allowing you to work more quickly and efficiently. With the new Dropbox for Business integration, Dropbox guarantees (or at least they say so) several ways companies can improve their operations:
* Robust data migration and backup. Now you can easily transfer and backup your data between various apps using applications such as Mover and SkySync. Actually, there are also other cloud storage platforms that have integrated the option to move your data through various services via such applications.
* Data loss prevention. With Dropbox for Business you can now use various security apps to manage data in your account. Benefits include increased safety, encryption options and others.
* Integrated authentication. Authenticate team and individual identities in your Dropbox for Business account with identity management solutions.
* Monitoring. Monitor employee activity and have more visibility by integrating information and event management tools.

The new Dropbox for Business does not only integrate popular third-party business solutions. Developers can also use its programming interface to create custom workflows and integrate Dropbox into their enterprise systems.

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