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Konica Minolta Launches FileAssist

The Japanese technology giant Konica Minolta launches FileAssist – a premium cloud service that enables secure, enterprise level file storage and sharing. On September 23, 2014 the executives of Konica Minolta announced the launch of its new product – FileAssist – a fully managed collaborative solution, developed exclusively for Konica Minolta.

The company claims that its cloud solution is ideal for any businesses, looking for collaborative storage space in the cloud, providing secure environment by increasing the business workflow.

FileAssist helps reduce the risk within a company by uniting all the file sharing processes of an organization on a single and easy-to-use cloud-based document management application. FileAssist processes the handling of documents in such a way that information can be created, shared, organized and stored efficiently in a secure cloud. FileAssist is not only supported via the web and desktop, but also on mobile devices, thus providing even easier access for its users.

Some of the basic features of the cloud storage platform are:

- Online file sharing and collaboration – like other business oriented online clouds, FileAssist provides secure document sharing, which does not leave the company borders. This eases the exchange of large files and reduces the risk of information compromising.
- Reliable security – FileAssist covers all the legal requirements for cloud safety, providing all the necessary tools and protocols, ensuring high level of privacy and security.
- Intrusion prevention – Advanced security protocols are applied to protect the network all the time. Software is provided to detect intrusion attempts upon your stored and shared files. Also, the system generates logs and notifications on suspicious activity.
- File backup and data restore – with FileAssist, data is stored on a number of server locations, this way being multiple times protected. Even if you accidentally delete your files, you can easily restore them.
- Audit and tracking features – tracking options allow administrators to closely monitor company data that is exchanged between users. The system monitors user actions, user accounts, password changes and profile modifications.
- Mobility – FileAssist offers continuous availability through cross-platform compatibility, by providing mobile solutions using a single application.

Like most other advanced cloud storage services, it provides all the functionalities, needed for file storage and sharing, backed with strong security measures. We are looking forward to test first hand the new service, so, stay tuned.

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