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Organize your Business with Stackfield

Stackfield is a comprehensive business use platform. It is not exactly cloud storage, however you can store your files on it. It is rather a business scheduling and planning ticketing system with a cloud hint. By using the latest encryption technology Stackfield offers a safe solution for team collaboration within a company and also with business partners in the cloud. You can use its free version, or you may consider a paid one, depending on your business needs.

Both forms of use doesn't give you much storage space, but it will probably be sufficient for business collaboration needs, since you may add an unlimited number of collaborates (for a certain price) to exchange files with.

When you register to the platform, you are transferred through a number of steps, some of which are worth pointing out. One of the most important things you need to do, in order to successfully use Stackfield, is invite colleagues. You can do that at any point of the platform's use, but you are also urged to do so during the registration process. Also, you need to set a master password, which is later used for encrypting and decrypting your stacks and files.

When you are done, you are presented with the cloud storage platform's interface, which is quite simple and user friendly. You are also presented with various demos and examples of the many ways you can use the system.

The basic form of collaboration is through creating the so called Stacks. You can also refer to them as Tickets. Users can easily create stacks for business or personal use by pressing the New Stack button at the top left.

When you develop a stack, in which multiple collaborators participate, you will get notifications about the latest news and changes. Summaries of all appointments, tasks and files provide a clear overview. Stacks can be placed and sorted in folders by using the drag and drop function. You can easily search through your stacks and tasks in the search field and also sort them by various criteria. You can add stacks to your favorites by using the following menu.

Afterwards, you can filter your stacks by favorites using the star icon. One of the nicest things about Stackfield is its embedded communication application. It is used as an additional chat feature for an overview of all events.

Using this functionality you can easily communicate with your collaborates about the tasks you are working on, and even attach files to your messages. Also, you can upload files the way you do it in a cloud storage system. With Stackfield, you do that by opening the Files section and then clicking the Upload button. Files are uploaded instantaneously.

As a conclusion, Stackfield is great for teams and business collaboration, but it doesn't function as a regular cloud, yet it offers other benefits, so, it is worth giving a try.

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