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Mega for Business

Mega is probably the most generous online cloud storage platform on the market in terms of its price/space ratio. It is developing very fast, providing applications for web, and most desktop and mobile devices (excluding iPad).

The paid plans, offered by the Mega service, are as follows:

Upon opening the Mega website it automatically provides you with the opportunity to upload files, despite the fact that you are not registered yet. This gives you the chance to test the platform before even logging in.

It offers a cloud-based file storage space for your important documents and files, which can be accessed by any device connected to the internet. What we basically liked about the service is that the web interface is really neat and intuitive, and not crowded with multiple options. Simplicity at its best. Through the web platform you can upload and download files and folders, share your important data with other users, collaborate with your coworkers through inside the platform messaging.

What Mega is most renowned for is its dedication to privacy of users' digital data. Mega provides robust cloud storage with convenient and powerful privacy, which is always in an On state. Mega is dedicated to your right to privacy and provides you with the best technology tools to protect it. This is the so called User Controlled Encryption, or UCE. This means that all files, stored on the Mega platform are encrypted, as well as all data transfers from and to Mega. Unlike other secure cloud services, with Mega, you control the encryption and hold the key to decryption, and you decide who you grant or deny access to your files.

Mega even plans to provide its users with a technology that will protect their emails, calls, chats and video streams.

When you upload your files to the web platform, you are provided with multiple options you can choose from:

You can easily share your valuable files with users who are or who are not registered to the service. If you like to share a file with users who are not registered to Mega, you can send them an email invitation to join the platform so they can see your data. This is great for collaboration between colleagues, working on common projects within a company. The system provides an embedded inbox folder, where you can get messages from the other users that you collaborate with.

Mega can integrate with your desktop system if you install its Mega Sync application. Using this, you can easily synchronize your file between your device and the web platform, so you can be sure your files are always protected and backed up.

Unlike similar cloud services, Mega supports unlimited size of the files you upload. This way it ensures large file transfer at reasonable upload and download speeds.

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