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Backup Your Business with Zoolz

The Zoolz intuitively designed cloud storage service is both targeted to home and business users. You can easily determine that Zoolz is quite different from other online backup services. It offers interesting features which are clearly targeted towards business users, but the pricing is quite fair and even personal users can afford the Zoolz' professional services.

Zoolz has an interesting flexible pricing model, which is a system, in which you pay for what you use. You can upgrade and downgrade your storage capacities depending on your current needs. The service offers two kinds of storage: Instant Storage and Cold Storage. The minimum that you get is 50GB Instant Storage and 1 user.

In terms of security, Zoolz offers robust data protection and encryption, which is trusted by large organizations all over the world. They claim that their protection covers and even surpasses any legal requirements.

One of the features Zoolz provides its business users is continuous backup – the system monitors the changes you make on your files and backups your data at the moment you update them. There is no limit to what you backups – you can backup your embedded drives, as well as external drives and your multiple computers. The backup modes that the system provides are: turbo, smart, battery saving and presentation.

The difference between these modes is the amount of system resources it uses. The system does not impose any limit to the file size. You can configure the types of files you want to backup and those you don't want to. Those users, who hold the administration rights can specify the users who are allowed to backup files, and the types of files they can backup. Admins can also configure users' rights and privileges on the online storage platform. They can also set storage limits to various users.

For now the Zoolz data backup system offers mobile applications for Android and iOS devices, but not for Windows Phone or Blackberry.

With Zoolz file sharing and link generation is very easy. You can add additional protection to the files you share using a password. Also, you can set expiration time for your links.

Zoolz provides specialized software, through which you can copy and encrypt your data on an external drive and ship it to Zools for processing your files onto the cloud. This is especially helpful for companies which possess a lot of sensitive data.

Probably the most interesting service offered by Zoolz is the so called Cold Storage. Shortly, this is used for backing up files that are rarely used and don't need frequent updating. It is intended for archiving purposes and its price is lower than the one for Instant Storage.

Also, Zoolz can boast for its powerful search engine. Using it, you can easily search and locate your files among the multiple files you are storing. When performing backup, if you are doing this for multiple computers using one user, you can easily switch between your various computers, without bothering about any data loss.
The registration process for the service is very easy. You simply need to enter your name, email address and password and you are good to go. You are offered a 14-day test trial during which you can familiarize yourself with the file storage platform.

Upon sign up you are offered to download the desktop application. When installed, you get the following start screen where you can select multiple features.

At this point you can select the locations through which data backup will be performed, as well as the type of files that will be backed up. You can also select Cold storage or Instant storage for your digital belongings. For your free trial you get 14 days for testing, 1 user and 50GB free instant storage space.

Generally, the basic upload and backup of your files is performed through the desktop application. Once uploaded, your files are safe on the online storage platform. Through it, you can easily share your stuff with other users and enter restrictions for your files and folders.

As a conclusion, Zoolz is so abundant it terms of services, that it may take a lot of time to read about them. And since we don't want this article to take you a day to read, we advice you to simply take a look and enjoy the service yourselves.

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